National Geographic February 1989

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The Great Yellowstone Fires { Yellowstone: The Great Fires of 1988}
Last summer’s conflagrations were but a chapter in the long natural history of Yellowstone National Park, but they ignited national debate over the hands- off fire- fighting policy of the Park Service. David Jeffery reports.
Pioneer Photographer William Henry Jackson { The Life and Times of William Henry Jackson: Photographing the Frontier}
He packed several lives into his 99 years – – artist, Union soldier, bullwhacker, and pioneer photographer whose first- ever pictures spotlighted the frontier West, including Yellowstone. Rowe Findley and photographer James L. Amos portray a prolific man
At Home in Chicago’s Hancock Center { At Home in the Hancock Center; Chicago’s Hancock Center}
In Chicago the world’s sixth tallest building can claim a title that most of its competitors cannot – – a place to live. A. R. Williams and photographer Lynn Johnson profile a multiuse giant.
Small- Town America: An Endangered Species?
Griffin Smith, Jr. , reflects on a way of life that is passing. Forty years of photographs from the annual workshop of the University of Missouri School of Journalism mirror the changing and the changeless.
Skyscrapers: Above the Crowd { Skyscrapers}
Escaping horizontal congestion, these tallest of buildings are soaring monuments to the skill of architect and engineer. William S. Ellis and photographer Nathan Benn explore the towers, top to bottom.

National Geographic February 1989

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