University Games House of Boing

Fill your life with Boing!

House of Boing is the game that mixes speed, dexterity, and fast thinking

The first player to empty his or her room of balls wins!

The game itself may be enjoyed as a work of art for its elegant design

Fun for 2 to 4 players, ages 12 and up

University Games House of Boing

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Tip Of The Cup Don’t Drink And Draw

It’s party mayhem in this hilarious game where every player draws and guesses on every turn

A great game for your holiday party

Provides hours of play value

We constantly seek to keep our products contemporary through new product development and building on the licenses we carry to keep them new and exciting

University games philosophy has always been to offer games that encourage social interaction and imagination through gameplay

Tip Of The Cup Don’t Drink And Draw

Prices includes taxes and shipping